Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Find Chartered Accountant for Business

It's important to select an accountant who's right for your businesses due the risks of starting a business are many. Accountants are financial planning specialists and can offer tips on starting a business on a financially sound footing.

Accountants can offer your business a range of services from basic bookkeeping to specialist business advice. They can save you time and help to make your business more profitable.

This guide will help you understand what your business accounting needs are and how an accountant can help you with them, It also will assist how to find a tax accountant.
A good tax accountant referral will provide advice on tax planning and taxes. From completing an online tax return to calculating company ship tax liability, the tax efficiency advice could save you money. Common services include minimizing capital gains tax, calculating the capital gain main residence tax, providing national insurance tax advice, advice on VAT and stamp duty rates, and self assessment self tax tips.

If your company's are looking a quality accounting firm, chartered accountant or business tax accountant anywhere in Australia with every member of their network either a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), you can find chartered accountants in Victoria and also find an accountant in Newcastle with easy steps by filling an online form in website or directly call their service phone number to keep your businesses

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brazilian Customs and Ports Regulation

Just remind and or information of revision of Brazilian Customs and Ports Regulation (SISCARGA) that for all shipper booking cargo on Marine Bills of Lading to or via Brazil ports that effective March 31st, 2008 Brazil Customs has been apply new regulation to the export and import cargo shipped from/to Brazilian ports including also cargo transshipped or remaining on board at these ports. This new regulation requires all shipping line company as Maritime Carrier to provide all relative information in the Bill of Lading pertaining to the merchandise carried as above 5 working days before the arrival of vessel at first Brazilian port of call.

Sea Waybills to Brazil are – as in the past - not accepted. However, Original Bills of Lading may be printed and released at Carriers’ Office in Brazil I/O release atorigin office upon request of shipper.

Shipping Lines/Carrier will do not recommend issuance of Order Bills of Lading to Brazil; anyhow the full consignee information as below must be updated until local closing time (see

Required information will be sent by electronic transmission from carrier’s system to the Brazilian customs system (SISCARGA).

Shipper is responsible for providing the following data to Casrriers’ Documentation Office at origin latest until closing time as locally announced for preparation of correct Bill of Lading and Manifest:
1. Full Consignee Information.
  • a. Full name, address, telephone, fax and CNPJ (for Company Business) / CPF(for Personal Effect or Household Goods) number.
  • b. If consigned “To order,” supplementary information such as full addresses, CNPJ. Telephone, fax and contact person must be followed.
  • *CNPJ : Brazilian Company Registration Number / * CPF : Brazilian Personal Identification Number (For non-Brazilian citizens: Passport Number).
2. Full Notify Information
  • a. with corresponding CNPJ/CPF number
  • b. “Same as consignee” is acceptable
3. Precise Cargo Description (requirements are in line with AMS and ACI customs systems established by US Customs an Canadian Customs)
  • a. Generic terms such as General goods/merchandise, F.A.K, miscellaneous is not acceptable.
4. NCM Number (Brazilian Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System)
  • a. The first 6 digits meet the standardized HS system.
5. M3 (Cubic meter of real cargo stuffed)
6. Dangerous Cargo: IMO/UN, Technical name, Packing group and all other relevant information in case of Dangerous cargoes as per accepted Carrier's Dangerous Cargo Booking
  • a. Dangerous Cargo should be properly labeled and directly discharged to importer’s truck without staying in port area
  • b. No In-transit movement (remaining on board) and/or Transshipment is allowed for certain dangerous goods (please contact your Shipping Lines’ partner).
In addition, the following stipulations remain valid:
1. Shipment of Household goods, used cars and all cargo consigned to natural persons (CPF number applied for consignee)
  • a. Payment term should be “Prepaid” for ALL charges manifested
2. Transshipment
  • a. Cargo to be transshipped at Brazilian port also should be manifested to Brazil customs 5 working days prior to vessel arrival (see above).
  • b. Domestic transshipment is authorized only if it’s connected and carried by Brazilian flag vessels.
3. Correction of Documentation for cargo to/via Brazil.
  • a. Correction can be accepted by Brazilian customs until 2 working days (48 working hours) before vessel arrival at first Brazilian port. After that deadline the cargo can be discharged to bonded warehouse, however delay, extra costs and heavy fines for customer will be unavoidable.
  • b. Corrections of the freight & charges must be followed by notarization & stamp
  • c. If the consignee is manifested as NVOCC or “To order (of YYY)”, change/correction of consignee is not allowed.
Additionally, the SISCARGA customs system requires information about container tare weight, which will be sent by Carrier IT System from the existing container database directly to Brazilian Customs. This information will not be shown on the printed Bill of Lading and is actually not required to be provided by Shipping Line's customers.

Brazilian customs may fine US$2,500 per B/L (subject to customs process fee) for any cargo which is not manifested and/or incorrectly documented. And if any violation is detected, the cargo could be arrested by Brazilian authorities or retained on board by carrier in compliance with relevant Brazil customs rule

Sunday, April 12, 2009

International Shipping and Moving

When making an international move to a brand new place where everything is sure to be different, you will want to have the comfort knowing that you're working with a moving company that offers the best quality door to door service available. You'll feel best about working with a highly trained and experienced staff that can provide their services as well as handle all the details that come with the stresses of documentation, insurance, customs assistance, shipping and storage. This will be no easy task, so at least let your movers take the bulk of the burden so you have lots less to worry about.

Try to do a little research at home by looking for companies that will help you move directly from your home state to your final destination. International moving Connecticut is a prime example for finding a good company that can get you into a different state or country with as little stress and worry as possible.

When looking for a company, try to get an idea of what their full range of services include. Chances are that if you're moving your residential goods you may need help with your business relocation as well. Many international movers offer all risk insurance, box and wardrobe moves, and secure storage and warehouse facilities. These are all things to look into when finding the best vendor to service all your moving needs.

Above all, make sure your shipping company has the experience as well as the international savvy, to plan prepare and transport your cargo anywhere in the world efficiently and thoroughly. There is nothing harder than having to deal with the added stress of moving your most valuable possessions to another country, so whether using international moving Connecticut or any other state, find the best one suited to your every need.

Direct TV Media

Television is a media information and entertainment that has been used by the general public to quickly watching the news and or entertainment media as well as for refreshing when relaxed, but regular television are very limited channels and if you want a good quality television channel and complete, you need Satellite DirecTV system and you will need some equipment such as satellite dish (this is the antenna that picks up the satellite signal) and receiver (a device that decodes the satellite signal and passes it to your television). You can buy all the equipment by yourself or your Satellite TV service provider will provide them.

Direct T V is a best among Satellite TV providers, Directv services has Direct TV packages that offer more than packages from your current cable provider and also a satellite Directv System offers more value than Cable television. You will receive the best packages program and features, check today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Unique Ceiling Fans

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Merchant Mariner's Licensing and Documentation Regulations

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"In the March 16, 2009 Federal Register the US Coast Guard published a major rewrite of the merchant mariner's licensing and documentation regulations. The entire Federal Register Part is here. Among the new regulations:
  • 46 CFR 15.401 "Employment and service within restrictions of credential" states in part: Beginning April 15, 2009, all mariners holding an active license, certificate of registry, MMD, or MMC issued by the Coast Guard must also hold a valid transportation worker identification credential (TWIC) issued by the Transportation Security Administration under 49 CFR part 1572.
  • Also, there will be no interim MMCs. The law provides that the Coast Guard must ensure a mariner meets certain criteria before issuing a credential and the possession of such a credential is required to serve in a position on any vessel (small passenger vessel to tank ship) that requires a credential. The Coast Guard has decided not to allow merchant mariners to serve prior to the issuance of their MMC. This is an acknowledged difference with the TWIC 30-day new hire rule.
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Vessel General Permit for 26 types of operational discharges is now in effect for most commercial vessels over 79 feet in length. Vessels of 300 gross tons or more or have the ability to hold or discharge more than 8 cubic meters (2113 gallons) of ballast must submit an Notice of Intent in order to receive permit coverage. The deadline for submitting an NOI to escape the 30-day review period before operating in US waters is 19 Sept 2009. NOI's can be submitted starting 19 June 2009.

Dangerous fake copies of the Hammar H20 hydrostatic release unit have entered the market. Hammar issued a Safety Alert to warn about the risks in using these fake copies and also provided a number of ways to check the authenticity of products used. Serial numbers can be checked through the company website.

The US Coast Guard has issued a Policy Letter to provide guidance on compliance with the provisions of MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI (air pollution) for U.S. flagged vessels and all foreign flagged vessels 400 Gross Tons (ITC) and above that engaged on international voyages and call on U.S. ports.

The US Coast Guard issued a notice encouraging vessels making port calls in US ports to use the Advance Notice Form (ANF) and the Waste Delivery Receipt (WDR) approved by the IMO to improve communication between the ship and reception facility operators. The Coast Guard also encourages ship operators to send a copy of the ANF to the relevant Captain of the Port (COTP) prior to arrival in a US port.

The US Coast Guard and other search and rescue organizations now only receive distress alerts from digital 406­MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)."
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Armstrong Marine Consulting, Inc (Federal Register-Department of Homeland Security).

The Forwarder as Logistics Provider

Unlike transport services, a forwarder providing logistic services acts as principal, and not as agent of some other provider. In its role as logistics provider, a forwarder will provide other services such as consolidation of shipments from supplier, inventory management, distribution services, such as labeling, order fulfillment, and local delivery to consumers, pick and pack (i.e. assembly of products into consumer goods for retail sale), and many other.

Logistics agreement assume a relationship that will continue for a period of time, covering more than arrangements for transport of goods on individual occasions. A logistics relationship is more frequently formalized in a signed agreement operative over a period of time that covers all goods handled by the forwarder during the period.

If there is no signed agreement, these services present problems of contract management and interpretation that are in principle no different from those arising in the transport of goods. Naturally the content of the forwarder's undertakings applicable to transport services. Given these differences, FENEX (Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics) has prepared standard conditions for logistics services that are available on its website.