Monday, September 8, 2008

Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarders Company is one of shipping business counterpart where they can help what the cargo owner’s needed because the shipping line is only a carrier and the term of shipment is port to port between port of loading till port of destination and they can not provide the another service.

The Freight Forwarder Company is facilitate the movement of goods in domestic or international trade by playing an intermediary role between their clients and the companies who pick up, transport, and deliver goods to their destinations and also can rule as Customs broker to help the supplier as shipper/exporter and receiver as consignee/importer to clearance the cargo.

Freight forwarders can negotiate freight rates with transport providers i.e. Shipping Line Company for considering cost, speed, and reliability, they recommend the best mode of transport to their customers. Once a plan has been approved, they work to make sure the goods are transported and delivered as agreed.

In carrying out their work, freight forwarders frequently provide associated services, such as customs services, NVOCC services, warehousing services, FCL (Full Container Load) services, cargo consolidation (LCL = Less Container Load) services, door delivery/pick up services and advice about risk management, financing, and methods of payment.

This category is for sites about the topic of freight forwarder, and for the sites of businesses whose primary business activity is freight forwarding. A subcategory named for a specific country is for sites focused primarily on shipping goods from that country to places elsewhere.

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