Saturday, November 26, 2016

Water Trap - Humidity Absorbed

Humidity, this word has been “a fear factor” for us, as humidity has been the most destructive factor specially to the goods which are shipped by sea or kept in warehouse and other storage places.
Moisture transforms went the temperature inside the container is lowered, the air will reach the dew point and the water becomes condenses. Due to the condensation, mildew and fungus develop. It will corrode and damage your goods.

When your shipments are in need of safe and trustworthy solutions during the transport by sea, you may be rest assured that with DESITECH and TOP DRYGEL Container desiccant products, we have more experience in shipping goods safely. Through extensive research, we have developed the most effective desiccant in the market today.

We have branch office in 10 areas in Indonesia about 40% from totally market.
We guarantee that DESITECH and TOP DRYGEL are representing the way of insuring your cargo against destruction by humidity that will be found in every container being shipped. Since we carry out the R & D and the quality control in our own plant, we ensure that the products are totally effective, environment neutral and most cost effective.

For solutions, we are ready to supply moisture absorbent products to help you, please feel free to contact us for more info the price.