Thursday, February 9, 2012

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that safety data sheet can also be translated into technical specifications or chemical safety data on chemical safety instructions. Is the chemical manufacturers and importers of chemicals used to clarify the physical and chemical characteristics (such as the PH value, flash point, flammable, reaction activity, etc.) as well as the health of the users (such as carcinogenic, teratogenic, etc.) possible harm a document.

In European countries, MSDS, also known as security technology / data specifications SDS (Safety Data sheet). International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 11014 by SDS terminology, but the United States, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries have adopted the term MSDS.

MSDS is the chemical production or sale of business required by law to provide for the chemical characteristics of a comprehensive legal document. It provides the physical and chemical parameters of chemicals, blasting performance, health hazards, safe storage, disposal leak, emergency measures and laws and regulations relating to the content 16. MSDS by the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant rules of their own preparation. However, in order to ensure the accuracy of regulatory reports.

MSDS chemical product safety data, including: chemical product and company identifier; compound information or components; the proper use or misuse of the chemical hazards that may occur when there are symptoms and human health hazard identification; emergency treatment instructions and prescription ; chemical fire guidance, including product ignited the explosion limits and the application of fire-fighting materials; order for the harm caused by accidental leak minimizing measures to be taken; safe handling and storage measures; reduce the exposure of workers and self-protection products devices and measures; chemical products, physical and chemical properties; change the chemical stability, and react with other substances in the conditions; the toxicity of chemical substances and compounds of information; chemical substances in ecological information, including material on the flora and fauna and the environment may cause effects; the material handling recommendations; basic transport classification information; with the substance laws and regulations related to the annotations; other information.

The role of MSDS

Safety data sheet as product safety information passed the most basic technical document, its main role is reflected in:
  1. To provide information about the hazards of chemicals, chemical products to protect users
  2. To ensure safe operation, operating procedures for the development of dangerous chemicals to provide technical information
  3. To provide emergency assistance and emergency help to deal with the technical information
  4. Guide the production of chemical safety, security, distribution and safe use of
  5. Is the registration of chemicals important foundation and source of information
MSDS contents

World trade, whether domestic or international trade, the seller must provide product descriptive legal documents. As individual countries, and even the states of chemicals management and the trade is not the same as legal documents, and some changes every month, so if the MSDS provided incorrect or incomplete information, will face legal accountability. Therefore, the preparation of MSDS is a measure of the quality of a company’s strength, image and management is an important symbol.

1. Meet U.S. OSHA requirements for MSDS should have the following
The first: Contact the manufacturer and
The second: Hazardous Chemicals Components
Third: Physical and Chemical Properties
Fourth: Combustion and Explosion Data
Fifth: Reactivity Data
Sixth: Health hazard data
Seventh: the safe operation and use
Eighth: protection method

2. Meet the requirements of the Canadian WHMIS MSDS should have the following
The first: the product name and manufacturer information
The second: Hazardous Chemicals Components
Third: Physical characteristics
Fourth: Fire or Explosion Data
Fifth: Reactivity Data
Sixth: toxicology
Seventh: preventive measures
Eighth: First Aid
Ninth: the preparation of information

3. American Standards Association
ANSI and ISO international standards body proposed the implementation of the MSDS content
The first: chemical name and manufacturer information
The second: the chemical composition of information
The third: Hazard Information
Fourth: First aid measures
Fifth: Fire Fighting Measures
Sixth: Emergency disclosure
Seventh: Handling and Storage
Eighth: Exposure controls and personal protection measures
Ninth: Physical and Chemical Properties
10th entry: Stability and reactivity
Eleventh: Toxicological Information
12th entry: Ecological Information
13th entry: Waste Disposal
14th entry: Transport Information
15th entry: Regulatory Information
16th item: Other information