Sunday, May 10, 2009

Singapore Company Has Developed A Container Tracking Solution

This study explores the tracking and security of freight (“cargo”) containers as they are transported across international trade routes, including maritime environments (e.g. ports, oceans, etc.). The report covers maritime asset management solutions that are enabled with a family of integrated wireless technologies to provide real-time, global tracking, security and communications features. The solutions are largely segmented by either container tracking or container security functionality, and primarily targeted at government and commercial markets.

A Singapore-based company has developed a container tracking solution, with the support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund (MINT), called G-Track and designed to improve the visibility and security of high-value perishable cargo requiring cold chain logistics.

Complete with GPS, GPRS, GSM, Zig-bee modules, a RFID reader and temperature sensor, the device assures security as well as proper product temperature throughout the entire transport chain, from packing to delivery.

“With the Global-I inter-modal solution, carriers and logistics providers can offer value-added services to shippers and consignees”.

“These providers now have the technical ability to link with shipping lines for real-time status, generate web-based export documentation, and provide electronic tracking. Extending beyond the ship’s platform, the Global-I solution can automate the necessary but previously manual tasks of capturing data as well as tracking and locating containers in terminals, which are spread across large acres of land.”

The container security market is still in its infancy, but various governments worldwide have been driving for better monitoring, including a full end-to-end inter-modal container tracking solution, seamlessly over land and at sea. Containers need to be secured to prevent theft and pilferage, and also to prevent them from being used by terrorists to transport weapons of mass destruction.

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