Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Port and the other supported

Port as terminal for vessel discharging and loading activity.

Port as terminal is very needful for vessel stay or stop-over or transit when call for activity and many kind of vessel braked to the sea like passenger ship, fishing ship, bulk cargo ship, containers ship, tanker, battle ship etc and of cause will call to the port.

Catchword of the Shipping Business Company "VESSEL IN THE PORT IS LOST" therefore Portstay vessel at terminal is very decided that a shipping Company is success when operated of vessel, means each of vessel when arrive at port terminal should be can direct berthing at jetty, quick discharging/loading the cargoes and quick dispatch to avoid high cost incur at terminal port.
But it will be depend from port supported competence facility for berthing, discharging, loading, leaving, etc including bureaucracy with the supported instance, like:
- Port Administrator
- Harbour Master
- Custom
- Immigration
- Port Health Services
- Port Authority
- Port Securities
For fluency loading and unloading of vessel activity, the port & terminal should have to comprehensive of facilities like signal of traffic and much mooring buoy, depth sea to avoid aground of vessel once berthing, jetty, warehouse for cargoes storage when the vessels berthing for loading and unloading the goods, fuel bunker facility and water for vessels whenever necessary, electric power, large capacity of tools for loaded and unloaded the cargoes, pilot facility and tugboat for berthing or dispatching of vessel and labors.

And also shipping Company will need partnership for running of shipping business activity fluency.
The partnership Company of shipping business activity for Cargoes Vessel, that is Stevedoring Company as kindness of unloaded or loaded cargo from/to vessel, Warehousing Company for stow the goods, Shipper/Exporter as supplier the goods and Consignee/Importer as receiver the goods, Cargo Surveyor Company for surveying the goods before loaded that will need if any claim, Ship Chandler as supplying of vessel necessary, Container depot for shipment with containerize, Forwarder or Customs Broker etc.

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