Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Port and the other supported

Port as terminal for vessel discharging and loading activity.

Port as terminal is very needful for vessel stay or stop-over or transit when call for activity and many kind of vessel braked to the sea like passenger ship, fishing ship, bulk cargo ship, containers ship, tanker, battle ship etc and of cause will call to the port.

Catchword of the Shipping Business Company "VESSEL IN THE PORT IS LOST" therefore Portstay vessel at terminal is very decided that a shipping Company is success when operated of vessel, means each of vessel when arrive at port terminal should be can direct berthing at jetty, quick discharging/loading the cargoes and quick dispatch to avoid high cost incur at terminal port.
But it will be depend from port supported competence facility for berthing, discharging, loading, leaving, etc including bureaucracy with the supported instance, like:
- Port Administrator
- Harbour Master
- Custom
- Immigration
- Port Health Services
- Port Authority
- Port Securities
For fluency loading and unloading of vessel activity, the port & terminal should have to comprehensive of facilities like signal of traffic and much mooring buoy, depth sea to avoid aground of vessel once berthing, jetty, warehouse for cargoes storage when the vessels berthing for loading and unloading the goods, fuel bunker facility and water for vessels whenever necessary, electric power, large capacity of tools for loaded and unloaded the cargoes, pilot facility and tugboat for berthing or dispatching of vessel and labors.

And also shipping Company will need partnership for running of shipping business activity fluency.
The partnership Company of shipping business activity for Cargoes Vessel, that is Stevedoring Company as kindness of unloaded or loaded cargo from/to vessel, Warehousing Company for stow the goods, Shipper/Exporter as supplier the goods and Consignee/Importer as receiver the goods, Cargo Surveyor Company for surveying the goods before loaded that will need if any claim, Ship Chandler as supplying of vessel necessary, Container depot for shipment with containerize, Forwarder or Customs Broker etc.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carriage of Goods by Sea

This act was introduced after many shipping conference were held in Brussels among various European nations interested in shipping transportation and it was finally formulated and termed as the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1924. The American Carriage of Goods by sea Act (COGSA) was passed in 1936 and is the counterpart of the 1924. It contains six sections and is subdivided into nine Articles.
The object this act is that carriers and shippers are bound by the Bill of Lading, q.v., covering both the shippers and the carriers with responsibilities and exceptions in the course of the carriage of cargo from one port to another.
Carrier definition
1. In the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1924, q.v., the word carrier is defined as the owner or the charterer or whoever enters into a contract with the shipper/s for transportation of merchandise
2. Airline or aircraft.
Carrier’s Lien as the ship-owner’s right to withhold cargo from being delivered to the consignee, q.v., as a guarantee against the collection of freight q.v., and other charges for the shipment.
Shipper: A person or company who enters into a contract with a liner conference, shipping line or shipowner for the carriage of good,.
Consignee: The receiver of the merchandise.
Liner: A cargo-carrying ship which is operated between schedule, advertised port of loading and discharge on a regular basis.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Seaport Codes (AA-AT)

SEAPORT CODES AS IATA 2002 Listed by country and code

COUNTRY CODE Name Name W/O diacritics
AD ALV - Andorra La Vella Andorra La Vella

AE ABU - Abu al Bukhoosh Abu al Bukhoosh
AE AUH - Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
AE AJM - Ajman Ajman
AE AAN - Al Ain Al Ain
AE DHF - Al Dhafra Al Dhafra
AE RUW - Ar Ruwais Ar Ruwais
AE ARZ - Arzanah Island Arzanah Island
AE DAS - Das Island Das Island
AE DXB - Dubai Dubai
AE FAT - Fateh Terminal Fateh Terminal
AE FJR - Fujairah (Al-Fujairah) Fujairah (Al-Fujairah)
AE HAM - Hamriyah Hamriyah
AE JEA - Jebel Ali Jebel Ali
AE JED - Jebel Dhanna Jebel Dhanna
AE KLF - Khor Al Fakkan Khor Al Fakkan
AE MAS - Masfut Masfut
AE MSA - Mina Saqr Mina Saqr
AE MZD - Mina Zayed Mina Zayed
AE NHD - Minhad Minhad
AE MUB - Mubarek Terminal Mubarek Terminal
AE MBS - Mubarras Island Mubarras Island
AE FMZ - Musafa Musafa
AE PRA - Port Rashid Port Rashid
AE RKT - Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah
AE DUY - Ras Zubbaya (Ras Dubayyah) Ras Zubbaya (Ras Dubayyah)
AE - Ruwais = Ar Ruwais Ruwais = Ar Ruwais
AE SHJ - Sharjah Sharjah
AE QIW - Umm Al Qaiwain Umm Al Qaiwain
AE ZUR - Zurku Island Zurku Island

AF BIN - Bamian Bamian
AF BST - Bost Bost
AF CCN - Chakcharan Chakcharan
AF DAZ - Darwaz Darwaz
AF FBD - Faizabad Faizabad
AF FAH - Farah Farah
AF GRG - Gardez Gardez
AF GZI - Ghazni Ghazni
AF HRT - Hairatan Hairatan
AF HEA - Herat Herat
AF JAA - Jalalabad Jalalabad
AF KBL - Kabul Kabul
AF KDH - Kandahar Kandahar
AF KHT - Khost Khost
AF KWH - Khwahan Khwahan
AF UND - Kunduz Kunduz
AF KUR - Kuran-O-Munjan Kuran-O-Munjan
AF MMZ - Maimana Maimana
AF MAS - Mashad Mashad
AF MZR - Mazar-I-Sharif Mazar-I-Sharif
AF IMZ - Nimroz Nimroz
AF LQN - Qala Nau Qala Nau
AF SBF - Sardeh Band Sardeh Band
AF SGA - Sheghnan Sheghnan
AF TQN - Taluqan Taluqan
AF TII - Tirinkot Tirinkot
AF TGH - Torghundi Torghundi
AF URN - Urgoon Urgoon
AF URZ - Uruzgan Uruzgan
AF ZAJ - Zaranj Zaranj

AG ANU - Antigua Antigua
AG BBQ - Barbuda Barbuda
AG SJO - St John's St John's

AI AXA - Anguilla Anguilla
AI BLP - Blowing Point Blowing Point
AI RBY - Road Bay Road Bay
AI FOR - The Forest The Forest
AI ROA - The Road The Road

AL DRZ - Durres Durres
AL SAR - Sarande Sarande
AL SHG - Shengjin Shengjin
AL TEN - Tenes Tenes
AL TIA - Tirana Tirana
AL VOA - Vlora Vlora

AM AHU - Akhuryan Akhuryan
AM LWN - Gyoumri Gyoumri
AM EVN - Yerevan Yerevan

AN BAR - Barcadera Barcadera
AN BON - Bonaire Bonaire
AN BUB - Bullen Bay Bullen Bay
AN BUS - Bushiribana Bushiribana
AN CRB - "Caracasbaii, Curaçao" "Caracasbaii, Curacao"
AN CUR - Curacao Curacao
AN RIN - "Dorp Rincon, Bonaire" "Dorp Rincon, Bonaire"
AN EMM - Emmastad Emmastad
AN FUI - "Fuikbaai, Curaçao" "Fuikbaai, Curacao"
AN GUS - "Gustavia, St Bartelemy" "Gustavia, St Bartelemy"
AN KRA - "Kralendijk, Bonaire" "Kralendijk, Bonaire"
AN MAR - Marigot Marigot
AN PHI - Philipsburg Philipsburg
AN SAB - Saba Is Saba Is
AN STR - "Santa Rosa, Curacao" "Santa Rosa, Curacao"
AN EUX - St Eustatius St Eustatius
AN SXM - St Maarten St Maarten
AN SMB - St Michiels Bay St Michiels Bay
AN BOT - The Bottom The Bottom
AN WIL - "Willemstad, Curaçao" "Willemstad, Curacao"

AO AZZ - Ambriz Ambriz
AO ANL - Andulo Andulo
AO BDT - Baia dos Tigres Baia dos Tigres
AO BDD - Barra do Dande Barra do Dande
AO BUG - Benguela Benguela
AO CAB - Cabinda Cabinda
AO CFF - Cafunfo Cafunfo
AO CNZ - Cangamba Cangamba
AO KNP - Capanda Capanda
AO CBT - Catumbela Catumbela
AO CAV - Cazombo Cazombo
AO PGI - Chitato Chitato
AO CTI - Cuito Cuanavale Cuito Cuanavale
AO DRC - Dirico Dirico
AO DGR - Dombe Grande Dombe Grande
AO DUE - Dundo Dundo
AO NOV - Huambo Huambo
AO JMB - Jamba Jamba
AO SVP - Kuito Kuito
AO LAA - Landana (Cacongo) Landana (Cacongo)
AO LIE - Lieura Lieura
AO LOB - Lobito Lobito
AO LAD - Luanda Luanda
AO UAL - Luau Luau
AO SDD - Lubango Lubango
AO LUC - Lucira Lucira
AO LUO - Luena Luena
AO LBZ - Lukapa Lukapa
AO GGC - Lumbala Lumbala
AO LZM - Luzamba Luzamba
AO MEG - Malange Malange
AO MLO - Malembo Malembo
AO MAL - Malongo Malongo
AO SSY - M'banza Congo M'banza Congo
AO SPP - Menongue Menongue
AO MSZ - Namibe Namibe
AO NDF - Ndalatandos Ndalatandos
AO GXG - Negage Negage
AO NGV - Ngiva Ngiva
AO Novo Redondo = Sumbe Novo Redondo = Sumbe
AO NRQ - N'Riquinha N'Riquinha
AO NZA - Nzagi Nzagi
AO ARZ - N'Zeto N'Zeto
AO VPE - Ongiva Ongiva
AO PAT - Palanca Terminal Palanca Terminal
AO PLE - Porto Alexandre (Tombua) Porto Alexandre (Tombua)
AO PBN - Porto Amboim Porto Amboim
AO San Antonio do Zaire = Soyo San Antonio do Zaire = Soyo
AO VHC - Saurimo Saurimo
AO SZA - Soyo Soyo
AO SOQ - Soyo-Quinfuquena Terminal Soyo-Quinfuquena Terminal
AO NDD - Sumbe Sumbe
AO TAK - Takula Terminal Takula Terminal
AO UGO - Uige Uige
AO CEO - Waco Kungo Waco Kungo
AO XGN - Xangongo Xangongo

AQ MCM - McMurdo McMurdo
AQ TNM - Teniente R. Marsh Teniente R. Marsh
AQ TNB - Terra Nova Terra Nova

AR ARR - Alto Rio Senguerr Alto Rio Senguerr
AR AEP - Arpt. Jorge Newbery Arpt. Jorge Newbery
AR ATU - Atucha Atucha
AR BHI - Bahia Blanca Bahia Blanca
AR CUA - Bahia Blanca-Cuatreros Bahia Blanca-Cuatreros
AR INW - Bahia Blanca-Ingeniero White Bahia Blanca-Ingeniero White
AR PBG - Bahia Blanca-Puerto Belgrano Bahia Blanca-Puerto Belgrano
AR PGV - Bahia Blanca-Puerto Galvan Bahia Blanca-Puerto Galvan
AR PNL - Bahia Blanca-Puerto Nacional Bahia Blanca-Puerto Nacional
AR PRS - Bahia Blanca-Puerto Rosales Bahia Blanca-Puerto Rosales
AR BQS - Barranqueras Barranqueras
AR BUE - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
AR AEP - Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbury apt Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbury apt
AR EZE - Buenos Aires-Ministro Pistarini Apt Buenos Aires-Ministro Pistarini Apt
AR CLC - Caleta Cordoba Caleta Cordoba
AR CVI - Caleta Olivia Caleta Olivia
AR CMP - Campana Campana
AR CPG - Carmen de Patagones Carmen de Patagones
AR CTC - Catamarca Catamarca
AR CVH - Caviahue Caviahue
AR CRR - Ceres Ceres
AR CNT - Charata Charata
AR HOS - Chos Malal Chos Malal
AR CLX - Clorinda Clorinda
AR COL - Colon Colon
AR CCT - Colonia Catriel Colonia Catriel
AR OLN - Colonia Sarmiento Colonia Sarmiento
AR CRD - Comodoro Rivadavia Comodoro Rivadavia
AR COU - Concepcion del Uruguay Concepcion del Uruguay
AR COC - Concordia Concordia
AR COR - Cordoba Cordoba
AR CNQ - Corrientes Corrientes
AR CUA - Cuatreros/Bahia Blanca Cuatreros/Bahia Blanca
AR UZU - Curuzu Cuatia Curuzu Cuatia
AR CUT - Cutral Cutral
AR DME - Diamante Diamante
AR EHL - El Bolson El Bolson
AR EMX - El Maiten El Maiten
AR ELO - Eldorado Eldorado
AR ZAI - Embarcacion Embarcacion
AR EQS - Esquel Esquel
AR EZE - Ezeisa Apt/Buenos Aires Ezeisa Apt/Buenos Aires
AR FMA - Formosa Formosa
AR GPO - General Pico General Pico
AR GNR - General Roca General Roca
AR VGS - General Villegas General Villegas
AR GGS - Gobernador Gregores Gobernador Gregores
AR OYA - Goya Goya
AR GHU - Gualeguaychu Gualeguaychu
AR IBY - Ibicuy Ibicuy
AR IGR - Iguazu Iguazu
AR IGB - Ingeniero Jacobacci Ingeniero Jacobacci
AR INW - Ingeniero White/Bahia Blanca Ingeniero White/Bahia Blanca
AR AEP - Jorge Newbury apt/Buenos Aires Jorge Newbury apt/Buenos Aires
AR JSM - Jose de San Martin Jose de San Martin
AR JUJ - Jujuy Jujuy
AR JNI - Junin Junin
AR LCM - La Cumbre La Cumbre
AR LPG - La Plata La Plata
AR LQU - La Quiaca La Quiaca
AR IRJ - La Rioja La Rioja
AR ING - Lago Argentino Lago Argentino
AR LHS - Las Heras Las Heras
AR LLS - Las Lomitas Las Lomitas
AR XMX - Ledesma Ledesma
AR LCP - Loncopue Loncopue
AR LMD - Los Menucos Los Menucos
AR LGS - Malargue Malargue
AR MQD - Maquinchao Maquinchao
AR MDQ - Mar del Plata Mar del Plata
AR MDZ - Mendoza Mendoza
AR MDX - Mercedes Mercedes
AR EZE - Ministro Pistarini Ministro Pistarini
AR MJR - Miramar Miramar
AR MCS - Monte Caseros Monte Caseros
AR XOS - Mosconi Mosconi
AR NEC - Necochea Necochea
AR NQN - Neuquen Neuquen
AR QLV - Olivos Olivos
AR ORA - Oran Oran
AR PRA - Parana Parana
AR AOL - Paso de los Libres Paso de los Libres
AR PEH - Pehuajo Pehuajo
AR PMQ - Perito Moreno Perito Moreno
AR XMV - Pichanal Pichanal
AR PCY P - ilcomayo Pilcomayo
AR QPQ - Pinamar Pinamar
AR POC - Pocitos Pocitos
AR PSS - Posadas Posadas
AR PRQ - Pres. Roque Saenz Pena Pres. Roque Saenz Pena
AR PBG - Puerto Belgrano/Bahia Blanca Puerto Belgrano/Bahia Blanca
AR PUB - Puerto Borghi Puerto Borghi
AR PUD - Puerto Deseado Puerto Deseado
AR PGV - Puerto Galvan/Bahia Blanca Puerto Galvan/Bahia Blanca
AR PMY - Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
AR PNL - Puerto Nacional/Bahia Blanca Puerto Nacional/Bahia Blanca
AR PRS - Puerto Rosales/Bahia Blanca Puerto Rosales/Bahia Blanca
AR PCO - Punta Colorada Punta Colorada
AR PLO - Punta Loyola Punta Loyola
AR PQU - Punta Quilla Punta Quilla
AR QQN - Quequén Quequen
AR RAM - Ramallo Ramallo
AR RLA - Recalada Recalada
AR RCQ - Reconquista Reconquista
AR RES - Resistencia Resistencia
AR RDS - Rincon De Los Sauces Rincon De Los Sauces
AR RCU - Rio Cuarto Rio Cuarto
AR RGL - Rio Gallegos Rio Gallegos
AR RGA - Rio Grande Rio Grande
AR RHD - Rio Hondo Rio Hondo
AR ROY - Rio Mayo Rio Mayo
AR RYO - Rio Turbio Rio Turbio
AR ROS - Rosario Rosario
AR SZQ - Saenz Pena Saenz Pena
AR SLA - Salta Salta
AR SAE - San Antonio Este San Antonio Este
AR OES - San Antonio Oeste San Antonio Oeste
AR BRC - San Carlos De Bariloche San Carlos De Bariloche
AR SFE - San Fernando San Fernando
AR UAQ - San Juan San Juan
AR ULA - San Julian San Julian
AR SLO - San Lorenzo San Lorenzo
AR LUQ - San Luis San Luis
AR CPC - San Martin DeLos Andes San Martin DeLos Andes
AR SNS - San Nicolas de los Los Arroyos San Nicolas de los Los Arroyos
AR XPD - San Pedro San Pedro
AR AFA - San Rafael San Rafael
AR SSN - San Sebastian San Sebastian
AR RZA - Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
AR SFN - Santa Fe Santa Fe
AR RSA - Santa Rosa Santa Rosa
AR SST - Santa Teresita Santa Teresita
AR SDE - Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero
AR SGV - Sierra Grande Sierra Grande
AR TDL - Tandil Tandil
AR TTG - Tartagal Tartagal
AR REL - Trelew Trelew
AR OYO - Tres Arroyos Tres Arroyos
AR TUC - Tucuman Tucuman
AR USH - Ushuaia Ushuaia
AR VCF - Valcheta Valcheta
AR VDM - Viedma Viedma
AR VCN - Villa Constitucion Villa Constitucion
AR VDR - Villa Dolores Villa Dolores
AR VLG - Villa Gesell Villa Gesell
AR VME - Villa Mercedes Villa Mercedes
AR APZ - Zapala Zapala
AR ZAE - Zarate Zarate

AS FTI - Fitiuta Fitiuta
AS OFU - Ofu Ofu
AS PPG - Pago Pago Pago Pago
AS TAV - Tau Tau

AT AMK - Altenmarkt Altenmarkt
AT ATT - Amstetten Amstetten
AT ANF - Anif Anif
AT AHN - Antiesenhofen Antiesenhofen
AT ASP - Aspern Aspern
AT BGC - Bad Gleichenberg Bad Gleichenberg
AT BKZ - Bad Kreuzen Bad Kreuzen
AT BBH - Bärnbach Barnbach
AT BNF - Berndorf Berndorf
AT BRA - Braunau Braunau
AT BRZ - Bregenz Bregenz
AT BRG - Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse
AT BKL - Bruck an der Leitha Bruck an der Leitha
AT BRU - Bruck an der Mur Bruck an der Mur
AT BRL - Brückl Bruckl
AT DOR - Dornbirn Dornbirn
AT EFR - Eferding Eferding
AT EEZ - Eisenerz Eisenerz
AT ENA - Enns Enns
AT EUH - Eurenhausen Eurenhausen
AT FST - Feistritz Feistritz
AT FKT - Feldkirch-Tosters Feldkirch-Tosters
AT FLH - Ferlach Ferlach
AT FRN - Frankenmarkt Frankenmarkt
AT FLT - Frohnleiten Frohnleiten
AT FUR - Furnitz Furnitz
AT GAN - Garsten Garsten
AT GSF - Gaspoltshofen Gaspoltshofen
AT GNR - Geinberg Geinberg
AT GSD - Gleisdorf Gleisdorf
AT GRZ - Graz Graz
AT GRU - Gross St Florian Gross St Florian
AT GPF - Grosspetersdorf Grosspetersdorf
AT HAD - Haid Haid
AT HAL - Hall Hall
AT HLL - Hallein Hallein
AT HSN - Hansenhütte Hansenhutte
AT HRD - Hard Hard
AT HTA - Hartberg Hartberg
AT HME - Hausmening Hausmening
AT HMG - Hermagor Hermagor
AT HIR - Hirschegg Hirschegg
AT HST - Höchst Hochst
AT HOH - Hohenems Hohenems
AT HRH - Hörsching Horsching
AT INN - Innsbruck Innsbruck
AT JDF - Jennersdorf Jennersdorf
AT JDN - Judenburg Judenburg
AT JUN - Jungholz Jungholz
AT KDF - Kalsdorf Kalsdorf
AT KFB - Kapfenberg Kapfenberg
AT KYB - Kematen Ybbs Kematen Ybbs
AT KMG - Kemating Kemating
AT KNB - Kennelbach Kennelbach
AT KLU - Klagenfurt Klagenfurt
AT KEF - Koflach Koflach
AT KBG - Korneuburg Korneuburg
AT KDM - Kraubath an der Mur Kraubath an der Mur
AT KRE - Krems Krems
AT KMS - Kremsmünster Kremsmunster
AT KLD - Kröllendorf Krollendorf
AT KFS - Kufstein Kufstein
AT KUD - Kühnsdorf Kuhnsdorf
AT LMB - Lambach Lambach
AT LFD - Längenfeld Langenfeld
AT LUT - Lauterach Lauterach
AT LZG - Lenzing Lenzing
AT LBN - Leoben Leoben
AT LEO - Leobendorf Leobendorf
AT LEZ - Lienz Lienz
AT LZN - Liezen Liezen
AT LNZ - Linz Linz
AT LOE - Löbendorf Lobendorf
AT LCU - Lochau Lochau
AT LTN - Lustenau Lustenau
AT MDR - Mäder Mader
AT MTH - Mattighofen Mattighofen
AT MHK - Mauerkirchen Mauerkirchen
AT MEL - Melk Melk
AT MSD - Mettendorf Mettendorf
AT MCD - Micheldorf in Oberöstereich Micheldorf in Oberostereich
AT MIK - Miklauzhof Miklauzhof
AT MIT - Mittelberg Mittelberg
AT MLS - Mittersill Mittersill
AT MZZ - Muerzzuschlag Muerzzuschlag
AT NUA - Neudau Neudau
AT NTA - Neutal Neutal
AT NSL - Niedernsill Niedernsill
AT OHD - Obdach Obdach
AT OWT - Oberwart Oberwart
AT OAL - Oneal Oneal
AT PDF - Parndorf Parndorf
AT PHG - Pasching Pasching
AT PTF - Perchtolsdorf Perchtolsdorf
AT PER - Perg Perg
AT PRH - Pernhofen Pernhofen
AT POG - Poeggstall Poeggstall
AT RAB - Raab Raab
AT RBA - Raaba Raaba
AT RXG - Randegg Randegg
AT RKL - Rankweil Rankweil
AT RWL - Rekawinkel Rekawinkel
AT RIE - Ried Ried
AT RZL - Riezlern Riezlern
AT RTT - Rottenmann Rottenmann
AT SZG - Salzburg Salzburg
AT SST - Schwanenstadt Schwanenstadt
AT SCW - Schwarzach Schwarzach
AT SCZ - Schwaz Schwaz
AT SHT - Schwechat Schwechat
AT SCH - Schwertberg Schwertberg
AT SEI - Seibersdorf Seibersdorf
AT SIN - Sillian Sillian
AT SLL - Sollenau Sollenau
AT SPI - Spittal/Drau Spittal/Drau
AT ANT - St Anton St Anton
AT SJB - St Jakob Breitenau St Jakob Breitenau
AT SML - St Michael ob Bleiburg St Michael ob Bleiburg
AT SVT - St Paul St Paul
AT STP - St Pölten St Polten
AT STS - St Stefan St Stefan
AT STV - St Valentin St Valentin
AT SVG - St Veit an der Glan St Veit an der Glan
AT STA - Stainach Stainach
AT STZ - Stainz Stainz
AT SEN - Steinabrunn Steinabrunn
AT SYM - Steyermühl Steyermuhl
AT SER - Steyr Steyr
AT SAR - Stift Ardagger Stift Ardagger
AT STC - Stockerau Stockerau
AT TEL - Telfs Telfs
AT TNZ - Ternitz Ternitz
AT TOL - Thoerl Thoerl
AT TSK - Traiskirchen Traiskirchen
AT TNQ - Traun Traun
AT TBH - Treibach Treibach
AT TRW - Tribuswinkel Tribuswinkel
AT TLN - Tulln Tulln
AT UHR - Uher/Wien Uher/Wien
AT ULF - Ulmerfeld Ulmerfeld
AT UTD - Uttendorf Uttendorf
AT - Vienna = Wien Vienna = Wien
AT VDD - Vienna Danubepier Hov Vienna Danubepier Hov
AT VLH - Villach Villach
AT VTB - Voitsberg Voitsberg
AT VOE - Völs Vols
AT VOR - Vorarlberg Vorarlberg
AT WCE - Walchsee Walchsee
AT WRT - Wartberg Wartberg
AT WTN - Wattens Wattens
AT WSS - Weissenstein Weissenstein
AT WSL - Wels Wels
AT VIE - Wien Wien
AT WNF - Wiener Neudorf Wiener Neudorf
AT WNR - Wiener Neustadt Wiener Neustadt
AT WBG - Wieselburg Wieselburg
AT WMP - Wimpassing Wimpassing
AT WLR - Wolfurth Wolfurth
AT WOL - Wolpassing Wolpassing
AT WLZ - Wulzeshofen Wulzeshofen
AT ZTW - Zeltweg Zeltweg
AT ZRS - Zurs/Lech Zurs/Lech
AT ZWD - Zwentendorf Zwentendorf
AT ZWT - Zwettl Zwettl